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Feb. 01, 2016

Dr Racy Ly me suit depuis le debut de sa pratique. Je n'ai jamais laisse un autre dentiste me traiter. Elle est d'une personnalité douce, attentionnée et tres professionnelle dans son approche avec ses clients. Son objectif est d'offrir le meilleur service a ses clients. Ses diagnostics sont juste et offre les meilleurs soins a ces patients. Elle possède une expertise que nous ne retrouvons pas ailleur au Quebec. Bien que sa clinique soit hightec et bien decoree, ses prix sont en fonction du marche. Le service de son personnel est excellent. Je recommande sans hesitation les soins du Dr Ly a tous ceux desirant le meilleur pour ses dents!! Le meilleur atout est un beau sourrire!!! Merci Dr. Ly et a toute votre equipe!

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Aug. 29, 2013

Dr. Ly is the best dentist in Montreal. She is very professional, and very polite. Her prices are average for Montreal area. Most important is that she doesn't do any dental jobs that is unnessesary.

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Jun. 01, 2011

** The best service I ever had: A repair on a broken tooth broke over the week-end. I called at 8:55AM to leave a message to ask for an appt (clinic opens at 9). They answered, and offered a spot at 10:30AM the same morning. By 11AM, everything was finished!! ** They also have appointments on saturdays, which is a rarity!** Dr Ly was recommended by a family friend. In less then 1 year, all my family has switched to go there. Dr Ly is very experienced, and takes into consideration the big picture, the patient's needs, how different solution can affect them, etc. She takes the time to recommend different treatment options, and does not do unnecessary work. She is extremely fair and doesn't surcharge at all. I did get a filling done by an assistant, which I was unsure about, but it was well done after all. Recently, two new dentists have joined her, and they are also very skilled and attentive and take the time to do an excellent job. **